At we focus on the development of digital strategies, powered by creativity and innovation to enable social sector organisations to work towards a better world. Unsurprisingly, we love what we do! And are passionate about the organisations and social causes that we work with.
Our strategies take an integral look at the organisation as a whole, in order to enable all departments to work together to meet their goals and get better results in their programs.
Some of our main areas of focus include:
1. Strategic planning – for Fundraising and Digital Fundraising
2. Integrated strategy – Integrated campaign planning that involves all areas of an organisation – Fundraising, programs, communications, etc
3. Emerging Markets – With a specific focus on BRIC nations. We focus on all aspects of an organisation oopening an office or developing programs in emerging markets, including:
a. Feasibility studies
b. Supporter cultivation
c. Strategic development

For a better idea of what we do, check out some of the projects that we’ve been involved with over the past couple of years:

We worked with UNICEF India at the strategic planning level for one of the organisation’s first Fundraising and Supporter Mobilisation campaigns in the Asian market. The campaign integrated online and mobile and enabled a new generation of UNICEF supporters to “speak up” for the right of all children in India to access education. We were delighted to find out this year that the Awaaz-do campaign hit its target of 250,000 sign-ups…and is still going strong!

Greenpeace International
We have worked with Greenpeace International since 2008 to develop the organisation’s mobile program. This has included all aspects of mobile, including an intial feasibility study that took an in-depth look at Greenpeace’s mobile universe. We held Gmobs congresses in Barcelona and the Philippines to provide key stakeholders with up to the minute training and held a series of advanced webinars on mobile activism and fundraising for Greenpeace’s mobile academy.

Amnesty Brazil
We supported Amnesty International throughout the re-opening of its office in Brazil. This included market research and an initial feasibility study, as well as a series of strategic recommendations of the Brazilian market. Our agency Chaxcha then organised the collection of signatures during the U2 Concerts in Sao Paulo and cultivated these supporters (using email marketing and social media) until the office was re-opened just under a year later.

All of our work is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line for more information.